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Indoor & Outdoor

An ebb – & flow arena is a perfect system to use in both indoor and outdoor arenas. The riding arena has a constant humidity thanks to the automatic water management system.

If the humidity is low, the system will level the water level. Providing a 24 on 7 usability off your arena, independent the weather.

DM.Equine has over 20 years of experience in constructing indoor and outdoor arenas, for all disciplines.


Anyone who has ever dipped a sugar cube into their coffee has already experienced a physical process called ‘capillary effect’ first-hand. This exact physical law is used in the Ebb – & Flow System.

By means of a sand layer underneath the mats, a certain amount of water, regulated by the user, is consistently transported up into the footing in order to constantly provide the arena with the desired amount of moisture.

Using a system of water pipes, shafts and valves, the arena is constantly supplied with the specified amount of footing.

This also means that any excessive water, for example from rainfalls, is automatically let out, and more water is let in when needed, for example during dry periods. This way, the specified water level can be maintained.

The desired water level (specified in centimeters from the PVC liner upwards) can be adjusted on a control panel. Moreover, the control panel contains buttons to let water in and out as well as an emergency shutdown.

Watering the arena can thus be carried out from the arena border or any other given place in the yard.

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Experts in Turnkey projects and riding arenas

From temporary to permanent arena. DM.Equine can trust on over 20 years of experience. Don’t hesitate, trust on our experience and let us assist you.

Galop trail

A work-out on the galop trail is the perfect cardio for both horse and rider. A perfect variation on the daily arena training. We have developed different types of surfaces to create the perfect galop trail.

Lunging arena

Also our lunging arenas are constructed with a perfect surface, ideal to work on the basics with your horse. It is important your lunging arena has a perfect balanced and stable as well as flexible toplayer.


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