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Equestrian arenas

Indoor & Outdoor

A traditional  arena is for most equestrians a dream, for professionals a must-have. With our traditional arenas 24/7 training is made possible.

Both indoor and outdoor applications are always constructed with a perfect footing. Specially for the event organisers we also offer temporary arenas.

DM.Equine has over 20 years of experience in constructing indoor and outdoor arenas, for all disciplines.

Traditional Arenas

A traditional arena is build with a solid footing. We can add Geopat if needed

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Eb-and flow arena

A big advantage of the eb- and flow arenas is the all-weather advantage. Make sure you can ride 24/7.

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Temporary Arenas

Ready to organise an equestrian event? We assist with a perfect temporary arena

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All disciplines

Different disciplines need different types of footing. Our experience offers a wide-range of knowledge

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Experts in Turnkey projects and riding arenas

From temporary to permanent arena. DM.Equine can trust on over 20 years of experience. Don’t hesitate, trust on our experience and let us assist you.

Galop trail

A work-out on the galop trail is the perfect cardio for both horse and rider. A perfect variation on the daily arena training. We have developed different types of surfaces to create the perfect galop trail.

Lunging arena

Also our lunging arenas are constructed with a perfect surface, ideal to work on the basics with your horse. It is important your lunging arena has a perfect balanced and stable as well as flexible toplayer.


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